The People’s Seed

An alternative to the corporate model of seed ownership.

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Memories of Tony

We mourn the loss of our founder and friend, Tony Kleese. Tony’s spirit lives on through an enormous legacy of organic farmers and activists across the globe. We would love for all of Tony’s friends and family to post a special memory of Tony.

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Why The People’s Seed?

Seeds are the foundation of our food supply and hold enormous potential for a thriving food and farming system for all

Farmers lack access to seeds that grow best in their local area, which prevents their success and requires more pest and disease management

Corporate ownership of seeds blocks access to scientific freedom for improving plant varieties that benefit everyone

A new model and funding system for a fair and open seed industry is needed to ensure a sustainable, climate adapted food system for the future

We support and fund plant breeders developing regionally adapted organic plant varieties and open source seed banks.

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